JLT Office TeamLarry and Terri Thomas founded JLT Services Inc. in August of 1993 in hope of providing their family with a better life. Larry had traveled for 7 years servicing copiers for a world-leading copier company and Terri was a stay at home mom. With high hopes, lots of character, faith and boldness, but just a little experience in painting, they launched their new business by going to properties in the area, talking directly with property owners and managers to tell them in person about their services. Together, as a husband and wife team, Larry and Terri handled the marketing, painted, cleaned carpets and cleaned apartments, and took care of all the other small business needs. For the first 6 months they had no additional help but their quality of work soon resulted in more business than just the two of them could handle. 

Ever since then, the growth of our business has been based on building lasting customer relationships and providing top quality work. Through the years and the ups and downs of the marketplace we at JLT have become passionate about providing consistent, reliable, professional results that our customers enjoy bragging about. We believe our customers, whether those who need a one-time transaction or those seeking long-term relationships, should be treated the way we would want to be treated if we were the customer.

As our business has grown we have hired employees to expand our capacity and to add new skills to better serve the expanding needs of their growing customer base. Over the years, our base of employees has been supplemented by a diverse pool of subcontractors. Many of our sub-contractors have worked with us for more than a decade because of our like-mindedness in customer satisfaction and because we are committed to treating them with honor, integrity and professionalism. As a customer, or a prospective customer you can rest assured that anyone we send to your site, whether an employee or a subcontractor, shares our vision and our values.

Larry and Terri started JLT with 3 local properties and we have grown to a customer base that includes hundreds of single-family homes, thousands of apartments with ongoing work at over 55 properties in Georgia plus long standing relationships with over 15 management companies.

JLT strives to be a company you can count on, with quality workmanship, whatever the job, and with management you can trust. Over the last 16 years JLT has grown in strides but our goal remains to be:

Small Enough to Care and Big Enough to Count On.